XR-PRO Interactive studio

Among the huge number of modern technologies that can make our lives better, virtual and augmented reality technologies stand alone. They allow solving previously impossible tasks in such areas as marketing, industry, construction, medicine, education, games and many others.

Why we are called XR

Today, there are three main types of realities, in addition to the physical: virtual reality (VR virtual reality), augmented reality (AR augmented reality), mixed reality (MR mixed reality). For simplicity, all these technologies are combined into one term – XR. Our team is an experienced developer of virtual, augmented and mixed reality. That's why we're called XR. And XR is what we do.

in real estate

XR technologies are widely used in real estate marketing. High-quality interactive VR and AR presentations allow you to give users unforgettable emotions that allow you to increase the conversion of sales.

in building

Today, the BIM technology bust in the building sector (BIM stands for building information model, building information modeling). The government is committed to BIM technology has been used widely on the legislative level. Virtual reality allows you to more thoroughly study the project BIM documentation online to resolve disputed issues in the related sections. Mixed and augmented reality help to improve the work of construction control over construction, when not studying the documentation in advance, you can get detailed information about the compliance of the actual execution of the project.

in the organization
of exhibitions

Any exhibition organizer of a self-respecting company wants to attract attention and make an impression on visitors. That’s why, there are XR technologies. Holographic objects of augmented reality or complete immersion in virtual reality with physical and tactile sensations can collect queues of interested visitors.

in industry

XR technologies are already widely used in various industries. With the help of augmented and mixed reality is the control of technological processes, as well as adjustment of complex equipment. Augmented reality is becoming indispensable in the training of technical personnel. Virtual reality helps to establish new technological chains faster and with fewer errors.

in medicine

More and more often in the news you can see how augmented and mixed reality technologies find their application in surgery, as well as medical student programs.

in retail

An era has come when it isn’t necessary to buy and rent retail space for sales: it is enough to open a virtual store and launch customers into it. For large shopping centers, augmented and mixed reality can significantly attract visitors with easy navigation and attractive calling effects.

in logistics

Even now, a number of large logistics centers use augmented reality glasses for their employees, which help them easily navigate the most complex specifications and piles of racks. Such technologies help to reduce the cost of training, reduce the speed of work, reduce the number of errors of employees.

in education

XR-Training can significantly improve the efficiency in training and improving the professional skills of specialists. The technology can also significantly reduce the cost of training, where the work of the instructor takes on a virtual assistant, and training does not require real expensive equipment: all errors will tolerate "virtual" equipment. The results of training of each specialist are easily tracked in DB, which allows appreciating the degree of comprehension of the material by each student.

Our projects